So, Let’s Talk About the Easter Bunny…

Many parents tell their children about the Easter bunny–but does this bunny compromise our witness for Christ? Easter should be a time when we as Christians are focused on the most important message in the universe; namely, that Christ lived, died, and rose again for God’s glory and our salvation. […]

Did God Create the Coronavirus?

Unless you live under a rock (a big rock) in the middle of a desert (a big desert), you’ve probably been introduced to a new way of life sometime in the past few weeks. I mean, two months ago, most Americans weren’t worried about their stockpile of toilet paper in […]

How Many Ways to God Are There?

Within a fifteen mile radius of my house, there’s a Buddhist temple, a Hindu temple, at least one Catholic cathedral, three or four Masonic lodges, a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and about fifty churches of various denominations. (Yes, I’m serious. I counted.) On a recent road trip, my sisters […]

Jesus’ True Calling to Sarah Young

Trivia question: What book was rated the 2012 #2 nonfiction bestseller, is read by thousands if not millions of people daily, and is the most accepted heretical literature so far this century, quite possibly this millennium? Since I pretty much gave it to you in the title of this post, […]